• Counselor

    Jodie Webb
    Jodie Webb


    My responsibility as a guidance counselor is to make sure each child receives the best education possible. A good education includes things such as learning to read, write, and work through math problems. Another very important part of a child's education is making sure that his or her emotional and physical needs are met. Physical needs are met when a student receives a good meal, and gets enough sleep at night. My job is to ensure that each child's emotional needs are met, such as learning how to handle tough emotions, get along with others, make wise choices, and utilize self-control. I also teach students how to accept responsibility for their actions and resolve issues in an acceptable manner.

    I work with students who are facing personal difficulties. Family disruptions such as death, divorce, or an illness may affect a student's ability to work at school, and may decrease his or her ability to cope during these difficult times. In addition to working with students at GFE, I also help parents. I provide them with resources in our community to help out with their individual needs. If parents have concerns about their children, I have an open door policy extended to parents to discuss those concerns. I consider confidentiality and ethics with my parents and students to be of the highest importance. I strongly believe that it is crucial for the school and home to work together, and build a bridge for students. In doing so, we become a winning combination for our students. All students deserve to be successful. 

    Individual Counseling

    I see students upon a student, teacher, parent or principal request. For routine counseling visits, a parent consent must be completed.

    Group Counseling

    Having students interact in small group settings with others who are experiencing the same difficulties allows them to step into roles they may not be able to in a large group setting. Social development is very important in my guidance curriculum. If your child has been asked to participate in a group setting, please do not assume that he/she was identified for any reason other than that I am trying to help students build healthy relationships. Often I may call upon older students to participate in small groups so they can lead and be a positive example to our younger students.


    Thank you for doing everything you can to help General Franks Elementary students succeed.

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