Here at Pease Communications and Technology Academy, we do more than teach the basics of technology…we open the world up to students on how technology is essential in the 21st century. We have several aspects of our program that makes us soar above the others. One piece of equipment we have is 3D Printer the MakerBot 3D Printer. 5th and 6th graders will be focusing on 3D graphic design and printing out objects that can actually be manipulated, such as a wrench or a T-Rex skull. The items are made out of plastic that dries as the printer places each layer on top of each other.

    1st grade playing on the SMART board

    We teach a variety of subjects in technology to help prepare students for the real world. The students first learn about computer basics and how each part is needed to make a computer work. Students then learn about internet safety and how to stay safe from hackers and strangers online. They also learn about viruses, why they are a problem, and how to prevent them from attacking computers.Courtney learning how to type on learning.com

    From there all students learn about keyboarding and discover the most efficient way of typing. 4th-6th grades will have a contest to see who the fastest typist in the class will be. The units that follow are Microsoft Word 2016, Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (they make animated movies using this program. Please visit the "Student Work" link on the upper left to see some PowerPoints students have made). We also study the basics of computer programming. Students learn how apps and games are made by learning programming code (JavaScript) and have an opportunity to make an app or game themselves! Students were able to recreate the popular app "Flappy Bird" and were able to change the background, rules, characters, and all aspects of the app. Here's a game you can play that was made by one of our own. The student programmed everything to be random, so you never know what form of Flappy Bird will come up! http://learn.code.org/sh/31587839
    6th grade and Ms. Randolph rebuilding a computer Other projects that 5th and 6th graders do throughout the semester are rebuilding computers. Each student will learn each part inside the computer, take each part out, and complete the challenge to put it all back together without asking for help. Each team has been successful in completing the project so far!

    "The Rattlesnake"...lego style!

    Overall, everything that students learn in the Technology Lab is to prepare them for the real world. It also will help students on what future career they may want and how having technology skills will give them the edge over others that are in the same field. Pease Communications and Technology Academy is preparing the way of the future, and our students are leading the way!!