The Communication Lab is about combining Technology with Communication. We provide each grade level with the specific instruction that will equip them in our ever changing technological era.

    Sixth-grade students learn how to create videos, trailers, and short films. Students use iMovie on the iPads to create original and fun short movies. They also learn how to use Adobe Premier Elements 12 which is a high-end video editing software. Sixth-grade students have fun while creating projects for the school and for the morning news show.

    A select group of sixth graders works on the CyberTiger News Show. It is the School Morning Show that is transmitted to every classroom via Ustream. We have state of the art equipment that students learn to use as they rotate every role in the News studio. They anchor, direct, manage the cameras, the sound, and our video switcher.

    Fifth-grade students learn photography. They learn the art of composing a photograph with balance, proper lighting, and symmetry. They learn to turn ordinary and simple things into interesting and beautiful photographs. Students will each use a DSLR camera and learn how to take photographs using the main camera features such as aperture and shutter. Fifth-grade students will also learn how to edit their photographs by using Adobe Photoshop.

    Fourth-grade students write news articles for the Cyber Paw Prints which is the school newspaper. They learn how to research many topics of interest on the internet, then type it using Microsoft Word and also using Microsoft Publisher.

    Third-grade students will learn how to use Garage Band, an application on the iPad that allows them to create music, play songs and record their voice. They will be creating Podcasts that are used on the Cyber Tiger News Show.

    Second thru Kinder students will be using iPads and Computers. They will create stories, record their voice, take pictures and use programs specifically designed to enrich their learning experience in many areas.