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    How to get ahold of me:
    Mrs. Cynthia Brooks, M. Ed.
    Phone: 240-6415, can leave message

    About Me
    I grew up in Michigan but oil brought me to Texas! I am married to my junior high sweetheart and have three wonderful children. Along the way I decided it was time to live my dream and get my Masters in Education in Counseling. It was something that I wanted to do since I was a sophomore in High School.
    I love the Texas Rangers, and College Football. My heart tells me I am a Spartan but my niece tells me I am an Aggie and my money tells me I am a Buff! I believe in giving those who don't have a voice, an outlet to be who they are and who they want to be.

    My Philosophy
    1. I tell the students I have an open door policy. If my door is open, come in. If it's closed, come back or leave me a message and I will get back to you. I want to be accessible to the students. This means they can talk to me during their lunch period, recess time, during class or during their specials. I will make time to see them.
    2. Each child is worth the time it takes to listen. Whether it is something big or small, they may just need someone to listen.
    3. I listen with no judgment. That includes no judgment towards anyone who is in the story. I am there as an ear, a shoulder, a person to give time. I am not there to give judgment or cast blame.
    4. Sometimes it is not the student who needs to talk, sometimes the parent or guardian needs to talk. I am here for you too! Please know that I am here for you if you need to talk, if you have concerns or you feel that you need to make me aware of something that you are worried about. Sometimes it is nice to have someone at school watching out for your child while you are away. No one will take your place, but I can help in anyway you need me to!
Last Modified on August 10, 2017