• Gifted/Talented and Advanced Academic Services

    Students who enter our campuses "ready to go" either as an expert or other advanced learner will find choices that support annual academic growth.  The G/T & AAS program seeks to find areas of student strength and accomplishment and provides services that encourage a year of growth for each year of school. The Midland ISD Board of Trustees approved provision for elementary G/T services is QUEST for Kindergarten and GEM at Carver Center for grades 1-6.  A talent readiness program, Project THINK, is provided at each elementary campus to aid students who may qualify for GEM at the end of first grade.  Secondary campuses provide designated G/T sections in advanced studies on each campus to include but not be limited to College Board AP© courses as well as courses in preparation for AP© courses, dual credit courses, PSAT and SAT preparation, Academic Decathlon, and others which are determined to be beneficial to the unique populations served.  Campus counselors can provide guidance related to entering services.