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    The Advanced Technology Center, a joint venture between Midland College and the Midland Independent School District, is a unique facility that plays hosts to a wide variety of classes, activities and events. Our students are enrolled in classes which will provide them with the skills and preparation for work in the automotive industry, welding, electronics, and nursing and EMT. At our sister facility, the Cogdell Center, our students are involved in lessons and activities related to the diesel engine industry.  Many of our students receive both college as well as high school credit when they complete our courses.


    While our MISD students are attending classes here at the ATC, college courses are taught concurrently.  Also, many businesses and community groups hold trainings and seminars at our facility.  
    We believe that the combination of Midland College and MISD staff helps to prepare our students for college as well as the work force.


    We encourage you to visit our facility and see for yourself the wonderful “hands on” learning that takes place here at the ATC each and every school day.