• buck

     Lena Buck, Principal

    Midland Alternative Program (MAP)

    Campus Phone: 432-240-4700 

    Principal Direct Line: 432-240-4705


    Saving Lives!
    Angelina “Lena” Buck was born in Midland, Texas to an 18-year old mother who had just graduated from Carver High School. To her mother’s surprise Lena was one of a set of twins. Her mother, grandmother, and grandfather helped in caring for Lena, her twin Angela, and her younger brother Chris. After Lena’s mother married, she and her siblings moved to South Midland, into a tiny two-bedroom house with hardwood floors (not considered a luxury at that time). This neighborhood had the belief that the entire community was responsible for raising children. Several years later, her family moved to East Midland with three more siblings added to the clan, giving Lena a total of two brothers and three sisters. By the end of Lena’s 9th grade year, her home was headed by a single-parent. This hardship did not keep Lena’s mom from instilling in her children that going to college was not an option, but a reality. Lena attended Midland schools through high school: Crockett Elementary, San Jacinto Jr. High, Austin Freshman High (now known as Lee Freshman), and Lee Senior High School.
    After high school, she attended the University of Texas at El Paso on the Fasken Foundation Academic Scholarship. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in marketing. When she graduated from UTEP, she returned to Midland and worked at banks, an oil company, and not-for-profit organizations. It was during this period of her life that her mother passed away leaving her twin, grandmother, and herself the responsibility of rearing her younger siblings.
    When she realized that she was called to be a teacher, she went through Region 18 to get her certification to teach school. She taught for 7 years at Anson Jones Elementary and while still teaching, attended the University of Texas at Permian Basin to get her master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Before completing her master’s degree, she entered the arena of administration. She worked as an Administrative Intern for four years (2 years at Jones Elementary and two years split between Crockett and Milam Elementary Schools) and is now the Principal of the Midland Alternative Program (MAP) formerly named the District Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DDAEP).
    She believes that education is for all students and all can learn - whether in a college/university lecture room, a technical school classroom, or on-the-job-training. She has a passion for helping troubled youth and at-risk students. She has devoted her life to making life better for all, especially for those who get lost in the shuffle. One day she hopes that her efforts will prove that if a child is motivated to learn, is given a chance to succeed, and has the tools to accomplish the task, he will do great things in life!
    "Remember your best days are not behind you, they are in front of you.  Be courageous, stay focused, press in, and finish the race." Author Unknown