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  • Salt To the Sea: A Novel

    by Ruth Sepetys Year Published: 2016

     World War II is ending and a group of refugees tries to escape the war's final dangers only to find themselves on a ship with a target on its hull.

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  • Front Lines: She's Fighting For Her Country

    by Michael Grant Year Published: 2016

    This is a fictional history that has women fighting alongside men in World War II.

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  • The Ebola Epidemic: The Fight, The Future

    by Connie Goldsmith Year Published: 2015

    The author gives background on the ebola virus and its beginnings and explains how research is continuing to look for a cure.

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  • Amazing Fantastic Incredible Stan Lee

    by Stan Lee Year Published: 2015

    A memoir of the man who introduced heros like Spiderman and the Hulk.

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  • That's Not Bunny

    by Chris Barton Year Published: 2016

    A hungry hawk is outsmarted by the rabbit he hopes to have as a meal.

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  • The One-Page Financial Plan

    by Carl Richards Year Published: 2015

    The author gives a simplified investing process.

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  • The Behavior Gap

    by Carl Richards Year Published: 2012

    Richards shows how to think clearly about money and its role in a happy life

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  • Dare To Disappoint: Growing up in Turkey

    by Ozge Samanci Year Published: 2015 graphic novel

    This is the funny memoir of a girl who grew up in Turkey.  The book is full of collages and and interesting images for those who like visual stories.

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  • Egypt

    by William Mark Habeeb Year Published: 2012 nonfiction

    This book gives a concise history of Egypt up through 2011.

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  • Radioactive!

    by Winifred Conkling Year Published: 2015 nonfiction

    This is the fascinating, little-known story of two brilliant female physicists whose groundbreaking discoverines led to the creation of the atomic bomb.

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  • All American Boys

    by Jason Reynolds Year Published: 2015 fiction

    The book is about racism and police brutality today in American seen through the eyes of a white teen boy and his friend,  a black teen boy.

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  • The Muralist

    by B.A. Shapiro Year Published: 2015 mystery

    This is a gripping story with provocative themes.  It is set in New York, 1940.  The country is teetering on the brink of war.  A new art movement called Abstract Expressionism is burgeoning.  European refugees are seeking asylum from rising fascism.  Amid political turmoil, apromising career and a love affair are interrupted when a brilliant young artist banishes . . . and today, seventy years later, another struggling artist, her great-niece, is piecing together the truth about her disappearance--and so much more.

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  • Thank You and Good Night

    by Patrick McDonnell Year Published: 2015 Easy

    The author captures the magic of a very first sleepover with friends that also reminds us to cherish even the simplest pleasures.

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