• In The Beginning
    1st Year
    Bonham's 1st Year - 1957
    James B. Bonham Elementary was established in 1957 with the idea of establishing a facility in which students could become a contributing part of our community. When Bonham was built, Bonham Street and McDonald Street were dirt roads. As the community around Bonham grew, the school also grew, expanding not only it's walls, but also the education within those walls. Many administrators and teachers have come and gone, but their service and dedication have been a part of the success of Bonham's development.
    Bonham's Success
    Bonham Elementary Today
    Today Bonham has doubled in size both in structure and in students, housing about 800 students from Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade. The teachers and staff still carry on with great service and dedication to assure excellence in education. Bonham is a TIGERific school!
    James Bonham
    James Butler Bonham
    Bonham Elementary is honored to be named after Texas hero, James Butler Bonham. Although Bonham was born in South Carolina in 1807, he is remembered for his dedication in Texas' fight for freedom. James Butler Bonham made Texas his home in November of 1835 and arrived at the Alamo in San Antonio in January, 1836 along with Jim Bowie. On February 16, 1836, Colonel William B. Travis sent Bonham to enlist aid for the army. Bonham returned to the Alamo on March 3, breaking through enemy lines to bring the news that help would soon be on its way. It is believed that James Butler Bonham may have been manning one of the cannons in the interior of the Alamo chapel when he and many others lost their lives on March 6, 1836. "Remember the Alamo!"