History of George T. Abell Junior High

  • George T. Abell Jr. High was dedicated on Sunday, October 24, 1993. Jack Hightower, president of the MISD Board of Trustees, presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony and presentation of a portrait of Mr. Abell to the district.

    George Abell would be proud of the vivid cobalt-blue, conical-shaped gales, the wide open interiors of the 150,000 square foot facility.

    Abell Jr. High opened its doors to a student population of 850 in the 1993-1994 school year.

    Instead of chalkboards and chalk dust, specially coated magnetic write-on, wipe off boards are in every classroom. Waving a hand in front of motion sensors in bathroom sinks turns faucets on and off, conserving water and enhances sanitation.

    Colors in learning environments are cool grays and blues, which have a calming effect on students. In the common areas, band hall and physical education areas, the colors change to shades of red, as the intensity of activity increases.

    A two-story industrial technology area features large garage door access, chain hoist and pull-down electrical outlets. The industrial tech area, as well as science classrooms which surround an interior science atrium, all feature safety equipment, including eyewash baths. A row of computers replace the traditional card catalog in the library, which still has solid reference books.

    Glass-doored, soundproof practice rooms line the hall across from the spacious band hall, which features see-through instrument lockers.