I am very happy to be a Rusk Patriot!!!

    Hello!  My name is Jodie Webb. I am the counselor at Rusk Elementary. I have two children, one is a sophomore at Lee High School (GO REBELS) and one is a fifth grader at Santa Rita. I am married and have lived in Midland for over 25 years. I love being a school counselor and working with children.
     My schedule alternates depending on the activities I have throughout the week.  However, you can always leave me a message at 240-7815 or email me at jodie.webb@midlandisd.net
    I am so excited to be working with all the students at Rusk Elementary. I will be in classrooms to deliver character education lessons which will help students be successful in school and hopefully in life.  

    The monthly character traits are as follows:
    September ~ Respect                           February ~ Honesty
    October ~ Responsibility                    March ~ Diligence
    November ~ Courage                         April ~ Fairness
    December ~ Compassion                   May ~ Integrity
    January ~ Citizenship
    *Throughout the year, I also have monthly presentations by other organizations in the community.  For example, Being Safe  from the Midland Rape Crisis Center, Dangers of Alcohol/Tobacco with PDAP (Palmer Drug Abuse Program), and The Life Center (4th to 6th grade only).  When these presentations are scheduled I will send home notice or a permission form.
    I may see a student upon student, teacher, parent or principal request.   I will address a variety of concerns: peer pressure, divorce, death, stress, attendance, social skills, academic challenges, etc. in these settings. Please call me at 240-7815 or email me at jodie.webb@midlandisd.net if you have any concerns or questions regarding your student. 
    I will also try to post websites and helpful tips regarding school, organization, parenting ideas and interesting topics for you to investigate at your leisure.
    Thank you for letting me make a difference here at Rusk.