• Clevertouch

    The Clevertouch is an interactive display that is much more than a traditional projector or interactive whiteboard.  You can connect to the Internet directly or display your computer, a laptop, or any device. The Clevertouch interactive flat panel allows Midland ISD teachers to perform actions previously impossible in our classrooms. Please watch the training videos below for more information.


Clevertouch LUX System


  • Clevershare 2.0 App

    All teacher laptops come with the Clevershare app to use with your Clevertouch. The Clevershare installed is version 1.0 and only allows you to mirror, which sends your laptop screen to the Clevertouch.  Clevershare version 3.0 allows you to mirror in addition to using desktop synchronization which displays what's on the Clevertouch and gives you control from your laptop. To upgrade, simply go to www.midlandisd.net/clevershare and click on Clevershare for Windows to install.


    Lynx Whiteboard Info Page