• 2016-2017 ALAMO JHS School Supplies
    ALAMO JHS is an AVID Campus.  All students will keep and carry an organized binder to all of their classes.  
    ALL 7th & 8th Grade students receive the following supplies FREE of charge the first day of school:
    4 inch Zipper Black Binder
    1 package of loose leaf notebook paper
    1 package of 5 dividers
    1 pencil pouch
    2 #2 pencils
    ALL STUDENTS must carry their binders with their supplies to ALL academic classes.  
    Parents may choose to purchase the following school supplies before school starts:
    5  Glue Sticks
    Loose Leaf notebook paper
    1 set of colored map pencils
    Pens (Blue/Black Ink)
    #2 Pencils
    Students are NOT allowed to carry backpacks, purses, or bags of any kind to their classes, including the gyms.  These items must remain in student lockers in the main building during the school day.