• Midland ISD Child Find Services

    The Midland Independent School District conducts a Child Find Service. This service is designed to locate special needs students who are not in school or who, if in school, are not receiving special education services. These students range in age from birth through 21 years of age and are determined to be orthopedically impaired, other health impaired, intellectually disabled, learning disabled, emotionally disturbed, speech impaired, multiply disabled, autistic, visually impaired, deaf-blind or auditorily impaired or have traumatic brain injury.

    For information on children from birth to 3, please call Permian Basin Early Childhood Intervention at (432) 570-3366.

    If your child is age 3 and older, but not yet enrolled in an MISD school, please contact the Special Services Department at (432) 240-1405 to schedule an appointment.

    Midland ISD runs an ad for Child Find in the Midland Reporter-Telegram on a regular basis if you are needing more information.

    Referral for Evaluation for Special Education Services

    At any time, a parent is entitled to request an evaluation for special education services. The district shall, not later than the 15th school day after the date the district receives the request provide an opportunity for the parent/legal guardian, to give written consent for the evaluation.

    If the district determines that the evaluation is not needed, the district will provide the parent with a written notice of procedural safeguards.

    For more information on a referral for evaluation for special education services contact the special education department at 432-240-1405.