To obtain student records send your request to: 
    Call: 432-240-1400

    Release of Records: Student records and associated confidentiality rules are governed by:
    Midland ISD - Policy On Line- Code
      (Board Policy: FL (Legal) and FL (Local)).


    Parents must provide a signed and dated written consent before the District discloses personally identifiable information from a student's records to any agency, organization,or individual.


    No such release is required if the District is being asked to release records to the parent, another public or private school the student is transferring to or a student 18 years of age or older.

    Request of Records: From time to time, MISD may ask parents for records from other agencies, organizations, or individuals to better serve a student's special education needs. The same release form is used to obtain such records.
    Amendment of Student Records:

    Parents have the right to seek amendment of a student's educational records:

    See: http://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Code/886?filter=FL


    Destruction of Records: Special Education records are destroyed incompliance with federal law five years after the cessation of special education services through either graduation or dismissal.

    A permanent record of the students' name, address, phone number, attendance, and Academic Achievement Record (AAR) may be maintained without time limitation.


    To obtain student records send your request to:
    Call: 432-240-1400