• Character Traits

    Monthly Character Traits

    September - Responsibility
    Demonstrate reliability, dependability, and accountability. Think before you act; consider and accept the consequences of your actions. Set a good example. Exercise self-control. Be disciplined. Fulfill all your obligations.

    October - Respect
    Be courteous. Be considerate of other people’s feelings, rights, and property. Affirm individual rights and freedoms. Honor parents, elders, and those in positions of authority.

    November - Integrity
    Hold firm to a high code of ethical principals and personal convictions. Be trustworthy and keep your promises and commitments. Abide by both the spirit and letter of an agreement. Exhibit appropriate loyalty in relationships. Be your best self.

    December - Citizenship
    Be a volunteer, serve your school and community, and encourage others to do likewise. Know and live by the principles upon which the United States of America was founded. Obey the law. Learn the history of your state and nation. Honor democracy. Vote. Stay informed about your country and its role in the world.

    January - Honesty
    Tell the truth. Be sincere. Be forthright and candid. Refrain from lying, stealing, cheating, and misleading others.

    February - Compassion
    Show that you care about self, others, and the environment through kindness, concern, and generosity. Demonstrate empathy for the feelings of others. Give yourself and what you have for the benefit of others.

    March - Courage
    Take a stand. Hold your convictions. Be willing to sacrifice self-interest for the greater good. Risk failure. Risk disfavor from others. Overcome fear and adversity.

    April - Diligence
    Work hard and work smart. Strive for excellence in everything you do. Do the best you can with what you have. Be attentive and persistent.

    May - Fairness
    Treat others as you would like to be treated. Listen and try to understand what others believe and feel. Be impartial. Give due credit to others. Be tolerant of diversity. Play by the rules; share with others. Strive for justice.