• 10 Ways to Help Build Your Child's Study Skills

    1. Set up a regular study time in a quiet, comfortable place
    2. Encourage daily reading, math and science practice, even if there's no homework assigned

    • This works well with family time. Children conduct science experiments, math, and reading every time they help with supper, mixing, measuring and reading recipes.
    • Get creative and make it fun!

    3. Make sure your child keeps track of assignments
    4. Allow study breaks every 20 minutes or so and maintain healthy snacks
    5. Help your child break large tasks into several smaller ones
    6. Have your child set goals and organize study priorities to reach them
    7. Teach your child the value of being organized and keeping homework together
    8. Use study aids, such as quizzes, flash cards, and reading out loud to you
    9. Let your child know it's acceptable and positive to ask teachers for help. Continually remind them that you're available as well
    10. Consider having your child study with a partner if it helps both of them to do better