• Counselor's Corner

    David Cook


    My name is David Cook, and I have been a counselor with Midland ISD for 24 years, with a total of 28 years in education.. I have a wonderful wife who also works at Pease as a Kinder/1st grade MCL, and we have an amazing young man who is now a graduate of Legacy High School and a college Sophomore at Midland College! 

    I am an alumnus of Midland ISD, and I attended Pease Elementary in 6th grade. I have a B.A. in English from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin and an M.A. in Education: Counseling, also from U.T.P.B.

    I love our school and our children. We are a family here, and we will treat your child as family. Please call me and, together with your child, we will work to help him/her have the most successful academic and social experience possible. You send the absolute best that you have to us. We will always strive to honor and fulfill the hope and expectations that you give us with these outstanding children.

    About My Counseling Program:

    My first concern is your child(ren).

    Anything that I can do to assist your child in developing their morals and values is of great importance.

    Counselors in Midland ISD (myself included) utilize the following in order to assist our students:

    1. Individual Counseling
    a. Students meet with me on an individual basis to discuss issues in their lives, ranging from social skills development and basic classroom guidance to major life events and feelings/thoughts.
    b. This is facilitated through conferences with parents based upon concerns and needs, teacher conferences and/or referrals, and self-referrals from students based on their individual needs.

    2. Group Counseling
    a. Groups consist of four to six students at a time.
    b. We meet for six to eight weeks: group subjects depend upon the needs of the child and may range from anger and divorce to friendship and academic development.

    3. Classroom Presentations
    a. Presentations are primarily based upon Midland ISD's Core Character traits.
    b. In addition, we also cover pertinent topics such as the transition to seventh grade, bullying, drug prevention, career development, and many other topics.

    4. Parent Conferences
    a. You are THE MOST important person in your child's life. It is always a pleasure to speak with you and to help in any way that I can.

    5. Community Referrals
    a. I want to help your child in an effective manner. Much of the time, this means a referral to specialized services throughout our area, such as Rays of Hope, an organization that focuses on grief and separation, and Centers for Children and Families, which helps the child and the family in a variety of effective ways.
    b. Please look at the links section for websites that will direct you to some of these organizations.