• Eligibility Criteria
    PreK Eligibility Criteria

    A. The child must be 4 years old by September 1st of the school enrollment year.

    (2020-2021 enrollment year - birth date range 09/02/15 through 09/01/16)

    (2021-2022 enrollment year - birth date range 09/02/16 through 09/01/17)

    B. The child must meet at least one of the eligibility criteria identified by the Texas Education Agency. State eligibility criteria are listed below:

    • Child is educationally disadvantaged (eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program, ie: receive SNAP/TANF/Medicaid, household income within 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines, etc); or
    • Child of an active duty member of the military, including the reserves; or injured, missing or killed while serving on active duty; or
    • Child is unable to speak and comprehend the English language; or
    • Child currently or previously in conservatorship of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (foster care); or
    • Child/family is homeless (fits the definition of homeless as defined by the United States); or
    • Child of a person eligible for the Star of Texas Award as a peace officer, fire fighter or emergency medical first responder

    Additional Information on Income Reporting
    Income includes the following:
    • Monetary compensation for services, including wages, salary, commissions or fees; (2) net income from nonfarm self-employment;
    • net income from farm self-employment;
    • Social Security;
    • dividends or interest on savings or bonds or income from estates or trusts;
    • net rental income;
    • public assistance or welfare payments;
    • unemployment compensation;
    • government civilian employee or military retirement, or pensions or veterans payments;
    • private pensions or annuities;
    • alimony or child support payments;
    • regular contributions from persons not living in the household;
    • net royalties; and
    • other cash income. Other cash income would include cash amounts received or withdrawn from any source including savings, investments, trust accounts, and other resources that would be available to pay the price of a child's meal.


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