• About Us

    Welcome to Jones Elementary School, the home of the Collegiate scholars! At Jones, our vision is to eliminate achievement gaps by providing a nurturing and challenging learning environment. Jones is named after Anson Jones, the 4th and final president of the Republic of Texas, and helped pave the way to Texas becoming part of the United States.

    School Motto

    We Got this!
    No Excuses!
    No Limits!
    Learning today for a better future!

    Jones Vision 2020-2021

    At Jones Elementary, our beliefs about culture and positive behavior are that all stakeholders will strive daily to be better than they were yesterday; academically, socially, and emotionally through the use of restorative practices, PBIS and the pillars of No Excuses University.  

    • As the principal, my responsibility is to inspire others to grow as learners, leaders, and productive citizens through consistent personal reflection and inquiry.  
    • It is our staffs’ responsibility to produce accelerated paths of learning for all students through modeled expectation and rigorous content.  This will result in increased success and a culture of universal achievement.  
    • It is our students’ responsibility to demonstrate high levels of accomplishment through a growth mindset.  Students at Jones Elementary feel valued because everyone in our building matters. 
    • It is our families’ responsibility to unify the bridge between school and home by supporting their student’s academic development as well as their emotional development.

    We recognize the critical need to foster a sense of belonging and understand the impact it will have on campus achievement.