• Commonly Asked Questions ????

    What training does an Elementary School Counselor have?
    School Counselors hold a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and are certified by the State of Texas. We are required to teach in the classroom at least 2 years before practicing. We are trained in Group Counseling, Individual Counseling, Child Development, Career Guidance, Multicultural Counseling, Child/Adolescent Counseling, Drug & Alcohol Substance Abuse to name a few. School Counselors are also continuing their education through District Inservice and Conference opportunities throughout the school year.

    How can I be reached ???
    My schedule is listed on the home page along with my contact information. Please to not hesitate to call me or email me with questions or concerns. Please do not become discouraged if you do not hear from me right away, I may be in classrooms presenting or out on assignment.

    Email: aachavez@midlandisd.net
    Houston Elementary: 689-1460
    My Office # 689-5187

    What children do I see?
    My focus is with all students, as many as possible, and as many times my schedule and the school schedule and teachers allow. It is important to remember that when a child works with me it does not mean there is something “wrong”. It simply means that your child is being given the opportunity for more focused attention in a particular academic or personal area. For the most part, most of my time is spent in the classroom visiting students as a whole.

    Does participation in individual or Group Counseling go into my child’s permanent record?

    Why will some children see me rather than their parents when they have a problem?
    Although most often children discuss problems with a parent, they sometimes want someone involved in the school process and someone who will listen confidentially.

    What can parents expect from me?
    I will try to coordinate the efforts of home and school and I am willing to give suggestions but no solutions, fully recognizing that the responsibility of the action lies with the child and parent.

    How do students make contact with me?
    A child may request to see me by leaving a note in my mail-box, on my desk or by telling their teacher they would like to meet with me.

    How does confidentiality work?
    When students meet with me, what we discuss is kept between the students and myself. If I feel that a child may be in danger (whether harm to self or others), or in some legal situations, I am obligated to break confidentiality. However, I encourage students to share with their parents what they talked about with me.

    When are sessions scheduled?
    Classroom presentations are scheduled with all grade levels throughout the year. I try to find the best time that is least likely to conflict with instruction time.

    Do you ever present to parents subjects of interest?
    I plan on having a parent informational meeting each semester. What you can do now for your elementary student’s college future., and ways you can keep your student “straight” are subjects to cover this year. Check out my “Parenting” link for some cheap tricks and tips for parents.

    What schools do Houston students feed into?
    Houston students eventually attend 7th & 8th grade at San Jacinto Junior High and then become mighty Bulldogs at Midland High School. (go to Midland ISD Home to check out these websites)
    Don’t forget…..there is College after High School !

    What can parents do to help their students be more successful?
    Click the "Parenting" Link to the left of your screen for suggestions, tips and links.
    The newsletter will also include information that may be of interest to you.

    What if my child is ill?
    Don't put this off: Call the school first thing to report your student's absence.
    Phone: 689-1460