• What does an Elementary Counselor do?

    Elementary School Counselors help students succeed academically, personally and socially through education and exploration in the following ways:

    How do I work with students?
    CLASSROOM GUIDANCE: I visit each classroom throughout the year to give presentations on various topics such as bullying, social skills, drugs & alcohol, peer pressure, choices & decisions, careers, tobacco, middle school transition, and goals. The majority of my time is spent proactively in the classroom.

    INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING: Students are able to meet with me on a one-on-one basis. Your child may be referred to me by the principal, teacher(s), parents, or self. My role as a counselor is not to give “advice.” As I explain to the students, they can think of me as a coach. I help students to solve problems and create life strategies. I do not simply give them the answers. If a student needs to see me on an ongoing basis, the parent will be contacted and a permission slip sent home.
    On average, ongoing counseling lasts 3-4 sessions. If a child needs additional counseling past the 3-4 sessions, usually a referral is made to an outside agency.

    SMALL GROUP GUIDANCE: Should a need arise, students also have the opportunity to meet with me in small groups. A group can be from 3-6 students who meet for approximately 4 weeks / once per week for 30-45 minutes on a given topic. Groups are educational in nature and provide students with positive peer support.

    School Counselors do NOT do mental health diagnosis, nor does student participation in individual or group counseling go into a child’s permanent record.

    How do I work with parents?
    INFORMATIONAL PARENT MEETINGS (Parent Talks): I provide information sessions several times a year on various topics of concern. Parent-Talks consist of both a presentation and discussion. Check out the "Newsletter" link and report cards for details.
    CONSULTATION: I am a resource for parents and and am available to help you to develop strategies to help your child be successful academically and personally. Check out my tips for "Parents" link.