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    "A Caring Community is key to the success of our children and families."
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    Additional Community Services & Programs
    BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS OF MIDLAND - 1007 w. Texas Ave. 687-0195
    Director: Sandra Tisdale - Services are FREE - ages 6-18; Enhancing quality of life for youth

    BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF MIDLAND - 1321 S. Goode 683-0050
    Director: William Shuey - M_F, 4-8:30PM (snack, homework help, activities) ages 6-18

    CAMPFIRE USA WEST TEXAS COUNCIL - 2408 N. Big Spring 570-4144
    Director: Mike Burney - Kids Care, Camp Fire on Wheels, after school/summer programs, computers

    CASA DE AMIGOS OF MIDLAND - 1101 E. Garden Lane 682-9701
    Director: Lael Cordes-Pitts - Svcs: health, dental, educational, senior, social, volunteer
    ***Community information and referrals for Midland - 211 (housed at CASA)

    CENTERS FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES - 1004 n. Big Spring, Suite #325 570-1084
    Director: Ann Bradford - fees on a sliding scale, Odessa phone number 580-7006
    Counseling, stress mgmt, anger mgmt., parenting issues/ed, nurturing program FAX 570-4069
    post adoption case mgmt/counseling, family violence, bilingual counselor

    CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES (CPS) FAX - 432 686-2272 686-2268
    **RAPE CRISIS CENTER - housed at CAC 682-7273
    Director: Betty Dickerson - counseling for all victims of crime, Kids in court, services are FREE
    COMMUNITY CHILDREN'S CLINIC - 1101 E. Front 686-8593

    COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE CENTER - PEDIATRICS - 2500 Delano FAX - 432 699-3813 697-4747
    Community information and referrals for Midland (housed at ASA de Amigos) 211

    Midland Sheriff Office Crisis Intervention Unit (Sue Slaton-Weis- 638-8620) 688-4635

    D-FY-IT (Drug Free Youth in Texas ) - 615 W. Missouri 689-1594
    Voluntary testing for high school students/rewards drug free behavior

    EVEN START - 201 W. Florida 689-5112
    Director: Pat Lyons Services: Parent education classes

    HEARTHSTONE - P.O. Box 50872, Midland, TX 79710 687-3525
    Unit Supervisor: Anna Rodriguez, temporary residential placement, ages 0-17, counseling @ Centers

    HIGH SKY "STAY TOGETHER" PROGRAM - 8701 W. County Road 60 694-7728
    Director: Adolph Knabe - Services are FREE - ages 0-17-offers family intervention and respite care,
    prevention program for behavior problems, family conflicts, ADHD, ADD, problem solving,
    runaway, truancy, at-risk, parenting skills, early child development, "Safe & Secure" program
    help to find day care in emergency situations

    RAYS OF HOPE - 900 W. Wall
     684-5437 - Director: Jessi Morgan
    A children's program for loss of any kind (death, divorce, incarceration, deployment), free camps

    MHMR (Permian Basin Community Center - 401 E. Illinois 570-3300
    Fees on a sliding scale - in home support, parenting training, ADHD/ADD medication
    management, children's program/Challenge Camp, after school program, skills training
    Children's Clinic

    P.D.A.P. (Palmer Drug Abuse Program) - 1201 W. Texas 685-3645
    Director: Mitch Moore - services are FREE; provides individual sessions for assessment, intervention
    and education; support groups, community awareness, parent/family groups

    SAFE PLACE of the Permian Basin Administration: 522-2720; Crisis Intervention 570-1465
    residential placement, counseling, services are FREE

    3500 Park Ln., Midland, TX 79703
    Phone (915) 697-7262 Fax (915) 697-7274 clothing/various household items/

    SAMARITAN COUNSELING CENTER - 10008 W. C. Rd. 116 563-4144
    Christian counseling - fees on a sliding scale; consultation; testing; divorce, family and grief issues

    "Food Ministry with a Servant Heart"
    Angel Food Ministries - 1000 Upland 432-528-8541
    Monthly Food Purchases-Click Here
    Angel Food Ministries is offered by Cross Way Church in Midland. Each month they have a Food Distribution Menu with the minimum purchase of $25 for the monthly packet of a variety of wonderful nutritious foods. Everyone qualifies, there are no applications or qualifications to order Angel Foods. The food is "restaurant grade" from high quality venders. Never "seconds" or "old type" products involved. It is well worth the price and they also take food stamps. You can order as many regular units as you wish. Call for more information.