• Midland's Legacy Scholarship Program


    For information on the Midland College Legacy Scholarship click below:

    Midland College Legacy Scholarship


    There is not a deadline to turn in your completed Legacy community service hours; HOWEVER the Midland Legacy Scholarship is on a first come first serve basis, and it is recommended that the application and completed community service form be turned in as early as possible after January 1.

    Midland ISD is an approved agency; however there are certain steps to follow if you do your community service with Midland ISD. Below are the steps to take if volunteering at Midland ISD:

    1. Only hours spent doing one-on-one or group tutoring count as community service hours.
    2. You must come by the Administration Building (615 W. Missouri) Room 221 and pickup a volunteer form that is signed by Ron Moss .
    3. Once you complete your volunteer hours at the campus have the campus principal sign the form.
    4. Bring the form back to the Administration Building - Room 221 for Ron Moss authorization.
    5. Turn the form in to Midland College together with your Legacy Scholarship application.


    For more information on the Legacy Scholarship and a list of approved agencies, please click below:

    1. http://www.midland.edu/legacy
    2. Texas Scholar and Midland College Legacy Sholarship Requirement