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    Circulation Policies & Procedures

    • PK - 1st grade students may check out 1 book and 2nd - 6th grade students may check out 2 books.

    • Books are considered overdue after one week from the day they were checked out. No fines will be assessed, but please bring the book in to either renew or check in so others may enjoy the book too.

    • Students may renew their books for an additional week if needed. The student must bring the book to the library to renew it.

    • Students with overdue materials may only check out one book at a time until the overdue library items have been returned, renewed, or paid the fine for the lost book.

    • If a book is missing, students are encouraged to look carefully at home and school. If the student has done a thorough search and still cannot find the book, a lost book fine will be assessed.

    Lost or Damaged Books/Materials

    • If a book/technology is damaged, the student should bring it to the library and speak with the librarian about the fine that will be assessed.

    • Lost and damaged books/devices may be paid for by cash or check made out to Greathouse Elementary as well as online through Revtrak. All money collected for lost books is used to purchase new books and technology funds that are collected are used to replace or repair the devices. Please send the exact amount that is owed because we are not able to make change. Visit the fine tab for more details.  

    • Any student with financial constraints should see the librarian about other means of paying off the debt.