fostering a love of reading

  • Make Reading Fun and Important-

    Children love their care takers, and they often mimic what guardians do. Young ones want to be just like you. 

    If reading is a struggle for a child in your life, help in supportive ways to support reading. This is a list of things to help children grow into reading.

    Begin by reading the same book. Take turns and then stretch the amount of reading done by the child. Have the child tell you what you 'missed' in the story so far.   


    Help children feel encouraged and committed by:

    o   Making connections between the ability to read and future options in life.

    o   Finding role models who struggled with reading-but who persevered.


    Have plenty of books available. (Midland County Public Library has different locations and a great source of free literature)

    o   Read whatever the child finds interesting engaging-- what do they like?

    o   Take trips to the Midland Public Library often—maybe set a day during each week.


    Connect reading to your teen’s passion or stories of overcoming obstacles. 

    o   Discuss (What do you suspect will happen next? What has been the best part, so far?)

     Literature is about living through another's life in words. Children have questions about life, struggles, and finding answers--books are beacons to safe harbors. 


    Make reading feel special and important.

    o   Provide a cozy reading space-quiet, comfortable with choice lighting.

    o   Decorate the area with your child’s input.

    o   Reward reading.

    o   Use reading as a before-bedtime routine to soften and quiet the house for winding down and getting ready to rest. This helps transition from busy days to a calm, peace-filled, and serene home. 


    Read in front of your child.

    o   On trips, bring books.

    o   Try audiobooks when traveling. Your child loves your voice, record books, so they can listen to a storybook--it will be treasured later.

    o   Google compelling books.–The Book Whisperer is a great source.


    Tie reading to social media.

    o   Encourage teens to follow an author's or book reviewer's blog.

    o   Have students read interesting posts aloud to you.


    It is our hope that children will grow as readers and make fond memories with their families. 



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