General Use Guidelines

  • Chromebooks are designed for daily school use, allowing access to various school resources like messages, announcements, calendars, and schedules. Students are expected to bring their Chromebooks to all classes unless instructed otherwise by their teacher. If a Chromebook is left at home, students must still complete coursework as if they had it. Teachers can provide an alternative assignment if the Chromebook is missing. If a student regularly forgets their Chromebook, parents will be notified.

    1. Use caution when eating or drinking near your Chromebook.
    2. Cords, cables, and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the device to prevent damage.
    3. Students should not carry their devices outside their protective case.
    4. Do not stack any books, heavy materials, etc., on the device.
    5. Do not close the Chromebooks with anything inside (pencil, etc.). This can cause screen damage.
    6. If a student is attending a school-sponsored activity (either off campus or after school), he/she should secure the device in a locker (with a lock) or leave it at home in a secure area.
    7. Devices should not be left unattended, particularly in the cafeteria, unlocked classrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, hallways, bathrooms, buses, cars, or school grounds.
    8. Do not expose the devices to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage. This means do not leave it in your vehicle.


    Apps and Extensions

    Midland ISD manages the apps and extensions that are available on the device. Apps and extensions installed by the district are not to be removed by the student.


    Identification Tag and Number

    All district devices will be marked with a student identification number. All identification numbers and tags must remain unmarked, undamaged, and visible.



    1. Chromebooks are the property of the Midland ISD and are subject to inspection at any time.
    2. Reasons for Chromebook inspection may include, but are not limited to the following: functionality, maintenance, serviceability, and student conduct when using the device.



    1. The average battery life should be 8 – 9.5 hours. If the device is consistently losing its charge before the end of the school day, it needs to be turned in for repair.
    2. Devices should be shut down or put to sleep when not in use to extend battery life.
    3. Devices must be brought to school each day fully charged. Students who do not bring their Chromebooks to class may be given an alternate assignment on paper.


    Media, Sound, and Games

    1. The possession of any content (music, pictures, movies, games, etc.) that may be construed as profane, pornographic, or offensive will result in disciplinary action as defined by Midland ISD Student Handbook policies.
    2. The use of media, sound, and games must be in accordance with classroom procedures.


    Saving to the Chromebook

    Student work should always be saved in the student’s Google Drive. Documents created in Google are automatically saved. Files created in or uploaded to Google Drive are accessible from any device.


    System Updates

    1. The device will update automatically every time it is connected to the Internet.
    2. If a device does not appear to be managed by the school management system, running slowly, or has trouble connecting to a network, the device should be turned in to the campus Librarian/Media Specialist for maintenance.


    Unauthorized Access

    Access to another user’s account or computer without their consent or knowledge is considered hacking and is unacceptable and in violation of the Midland ISD Technology Acceptable Use Policy.



    • Wi-Fi is available on all campuses and district buildings, as well as on buses. District-issued  student devices will automatically connect.