• Credit by Examination With Prior Instruction (CBE/WPI)

    Credit by Examination/With Prior Instruction (CBE/WPI) provides a student who has prior instruction in a course to use credit by examination for earning credit for that course/subject.  With the recommendation of the campus principal, a student may use credit by examination to demonstrate mastery in any subject in elementary grades or to earn credit in any academic course at the secondary level.  Eligibility is also determined on the basis of a review of the student's educational records.
    On recommendation of the campus attendance committee, a student who has excessive absences may be permitted to earn or regain course credit through credit by examination.
    Credit by examination shall not be used to gain eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities.
    To receive a credit, a student shall earn a grade of 70 or above on the examination.  If such credit is given the district shall enter the examination score on the student's transcript.  No weighted grades will be given.  THE COURSE/GRADE WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE STUDENT'S GPA (GRADE POINT AVERAGE) AS STANDARD GRADE POINTS.
    Students have multiple opportunities to receive credit in regular classes, at no financial cost.  There are also opportunities through summer school, evening school and credit by exam, all of which require a fee.  The student will pay this fee.  This fee is non refundable, even if the student does not take the test.

    Students in grades 6-12 shall accelerate if the student meets the following requirements:

    1. The student's parent or guardian gives written approval of the acceleration; and
    2. A district representative recommends that the student be accelerated; and
    3. The student scores 70 percent or above on a credit by examination for the grade level to be skipped in the requested areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

    Secondary (6-11) Parent Request Form

    After we receive the parent request, the GT/AAS office will be in touch with your current campus administration to verify your child is recommended and approved to take the CBE tests. 

    The district uses the credit by examinations purchased from Texas Tech University. 

    Texas Tech CBE Study Guides