• Appeal forms may be requested within 15 school days of receiving your child’s GT results. The process for appeals is as follows:

    1. The parent requests an appeal from the GT office. Click here for GT Appeal/Call Request Form

    2. Parent receives an official DocuSign link after the request form is complete. The parent completes the appeals form through DocuSign and submits it before the appeal deadline.

    3. After the appeal deadline, the District Selection Committee will review all appeals. The committee can decide to:

      1. Uphold the original decision

      2. Request additional information 

    4. The parent will receive a letter through email stating the committee’s decision:

      1. If the decision is upheld, the parent may request a Level II appeal by emailing the request to the G/T office within 15 school days from the  receipt of the decision letter.  All subsequent levels of appeal are based upon the original appeal; no additional information or testing will be considered in subsequent levels.

      2. If additional information is requested, the G/T office will obtain the information requested from either the parent or the student's campus or contain the parent to arrange additional testing session/s. 

    5. Parents of students whose profiles needed additional information or who received additional testing will receive an updated results letter. Information will be brought back to the committee for consideration for the final Level I appeal. 

    *Basis for Appeals* 

    Appeals are for parents to inform the GT office and the District Selection Committee of a process error that occurred during testing. Parents should be specific on the dates that the process error occurred and provide any necessary information for the committee to review. 

    Parents have had an opportunity on the student application to tell the committee why they think their student should be considered for GT services. The parent response is included in the committee’s original decision, so appeals based on disagreeing with the scores do not establish a process error.