• San Jacinto Junior High


    Behavior & Discipline Expectations






    Campus Expectations in Common Areas 


    There are lime-green pieces of paper hung throughout the campus that state the following expectations for the classrooms, bathrooms, cafeteria/patio, hallways, arrival/departure, assemblies, and athletic events. 


    Classroom Expectations

    Hands, feet, and body to self

    Follow directions

    Respectful language and actions 


    Bathroom Expectations
    Hands to self

    Cafeteria/Patio Expectations
    Pick a seat
    Talk and eat
    Keep it neat

    Hallway Expectations
    Walk and talk
    Get there

    Before & After School Expectations
    Promptly move to designated area
    Use appropriate entrances and exits
    Respect social norms

    Assembly Expectations
    Eyes and ears
    Remain seated
    Audience etiquette

    Athletic Event Expectations
    Positive sportsmanship
    Watch event
    School rules apply