Student Accident Insurance

  • In the event of a student accident, MISD does not bear primary responsibility for covering medical treatment costs. We offer a secondary insurance policy through The Texas Kids First program, where guardians can submit necessary documents for review. The decision on coverage rests solely with the insurance company and is beyond MISD's control. To initiate this process, contact the Risk Management Department to report the injury. The department will facilitate the necessary paperwork, involving both the parent and the MISD employee in electronic signatures. For further assistance, please contact Brandon Bradley at

In Case of An Emergency

    1.  MISD P.D. dispatch number: 432-240-1050

    2. School nurses roster and contact information

    3. Procedures for help if left stranded or in case of vehicle breakdowns:

    If you encounter a situation that renders a district vehicle immobile or yourself stranded due to a mechanical failure of a district vehicle. Please call : 

    Javier Lopez or Fleet Manager-432-741-2794

    Larry Sullivan Shop Supervisor-432-664-6590

    Immediately after reaching out to them, please notify your supervisor ASAP with the time, your location, and description of your surroundings, and a full report of the events leading up to your current situation.