• Please follow the steps on this page to prepare your device for testing.

    The Chromebook steps may be completed the day prior to testing.  The Windows steps must be complete on the day of testing immediately prior to starting the test.

  • Preparing Chromebooks
    for Testing

    1) Students log in to Chromebooks with their account.

    2) Click on the clock in the lower-right corner.

    steps 2 and 3

    3) Click on the Settings gear.

    4) Click on "About Chrome OS" in the lower-left corner.


    5) Click the "Check for Updates" button.

    Check for updates

    6) After the device has completed the update, restart the Chromebook, and choose "SecureTestBrowser" on the Apps list.  (This is before the student logs in to the Chromebook.)


  • Preparing Windows Computers
    for Testing

    1) Students Log in to the Windows computer with their account.

    2) Open the Microsoft Edge browser.

    Open Edge Browser

    3) Close the Microsoft Edge browser.

    Close Edge Browser

    4) Open the "SecureTestBrowser" program.