• New to Midland Area and NOT a GT Transfer 

    • If you are moving from a state or country that your child did not have the opportunity to qualify in, we will contact the previous district to verify that information. If you are moving from a private school, the state policy for your state will be used to determine eligibility for testing. Texas requires GT screening opportunities to begin in kindergarten for public schools. 

    • If you are transferring from a Texas school and your child is not a GT transfer, you will need to nominate your child during the general nomination period. Students who enroll in a Midland ISD campus from another school district in 2023 - 2024 and who are not G/T Transfers will need to submit an application when the GT application window is announced and opened by the District (October 1 - 31).  Watch for announcements through the District.

    Parents must provide the following documents or a contact from the transferring district who can provide them :

    • Documentation of attending any school located in Texas.
    • Copies of test scores from nationally normed standardized tests that were administered at school. 
    • Test scores from state accountability tests.
    • Copies of the most recently completed semester, if applicable.
    • Please fill out the New to Midland Form and we will be in touch with next steps.


    The following link must be completed during the previously stated timeframe: Click here to complete the 2023-24 G/T Transfer/New to Midland Application

    • Elementary services (grades 1-6) are provided at Carver Center. 
    • Secondary services are available at each secondary campus (grades 7-12).