Students transferring from campuses not located in Texas may request G/T idenfication processing 3 MONTHS PRIOR TO MISD ENTRY BUT NOT LATER THAN 3 (three) weeks after the date of MISD enrollment.


    The following link must be completed during the previously stated timeframe:  CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A "G/T TRANSFER"/"NEW TO MIDLAND" APPLICATION FORM

    • Elementary services (grades 1-6) are provided at Carver Center. 
    • Secondary services are available at each secondary campus (grades 7-12).


    Parent must provide the following documents or a contact from the transferring district who can provide them :

    • Documentation of attending any school located in Texas.
    • Copies of test scores from nationally normed standardized tests that were administered at school. 
    • Test scores from state accountability tests.
    • Copies of the most recently completed semester, if applicable.