• TEKS Resource System 

    Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, MISD will be using TEKS Resource System as a curriculum management tool.  Our teachers have access to paced curriculum guides that will and additional resources to help with planning.  TRS (TEKS Resource System) is available to both parents and teachers as a resource. Please feel free to browse the TRS website and learn something about the curriculum management system being used in MISD. 

    Implementing the TEKS Resource System

    Teachers often struggle with the volume of information that is in the INstructional Focus Document (IFD), the pacing tools chunk out the learning which results in more fficeint lesson planning.  Implementing the TEKS Resource System provides teachers with pacing suggestions when planning from the IFD that coordinate with each unit and subject.  All pacing tools are anchored by the Performance Assessments.  Because the Pacing Tools are google docs, they can be copied and edited if teachers want to use these as their lesson plan guide.