• Imagine Language & Literacy

    Imagine Language & Literacy is an adaptive learning platform that accelerates reading and language proficiency for students in grades PreK–6. Supplemental to literacy instruction, Imagine Language & Literacy will be used to practice in all four domains of literacy—reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

    In addition to monitoring student usage and progress, teachers can use data to identify areas of unfinished learning and group students with similar needs in order to differentiate instruction. Teachers can identify students in need of additional instruction through the Action Areas Tool, which groups students with similar needs together and provides targeted resources for small-group or one-on-one intervention. 


  • Imagine Español is a personalized learning platform that accelerates grade-level reading and language proficiency in Spanish for students in grades PreK–2. Imagine Español fits flexibly into bilingual and dual-language programs to extend and enrich instruction. It can also be used for before- or after-school programs and summer school. 

  • Imagine Math 

    Imagine Math uses a standards-based curriculum to teach and reinforce math skills from basic numeracy to Geometry


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