House Bill 3 Reading Academies

    In June of 2019, the 86th Legislature of Texas passed House Bill 3, which encompasses several reforms for the budget and finance of Texas Education.  Impacted by this new bill is the new mandate that all K-3 teachers, including special education teachers, and principals are required to complete the HB 3 Reading Academies by 2023. This includes literacy specialists who see K-3 students in small groups and K-3 departmentalized teachers, steeped in the Science of Teaching Reading, by 2023.  Midland ISD has signed an MOU with Region 18 as an authorized provider for Texas Reading Academies Implementation.

    The content of the Reading Academies is based on the Science of Teaching Reading Framework. Beginning January 1, 2021, teachers seeking new certifications to teach prekindergarten through 6th grade will be required to demonstrate proficiency on the Science of Teaching Reading exam. Visit the Science of Teaching Reading Exam details page for more information.

    Administrator Path

    The administrator path covers very similar content to the English Language Arts and biliteracy paths. However, the administrator path is streamlined and modified to highlight the specific role of the administrator within the literacy community.

    Biliteracy Path

    The following modules will be differentiated for participants enrolling in the biliteracy path: (4) Using Assessment Data to Inform Instruction, (6) Phonological Awareness, (7) Alphabet Knowledge (8) Decoding, Encoding, and Word Study, and (11) Composition.

    Reading Academy Content Overview

    Midland ISD Implementation

    School Year

    Staff- Blended Model


    K, 1, 2, 3 General and Special Education Teachers


    All Required Staff and Administrators


    New Staff


  • Cohort 1 entered June 2020 and started in August 2020.  This cohort is complete and closed.

    Cohort 2A entered June 2021 and started in August 2021.  

    Cohort 2B entered August 2021 and starts September 13, 2021.

    Cohort 3 will be enrolled in June 2022.


    Region 18 will begin each cohort with a kick-off session via Zoom.

    In preparation for the orientation session, participants will need to access their TEA Unique ID. This can be located in Skyward in the Employee side of Skyward--NOT the student side. Then click: Employee Information - Personal Information - Personnel Info. The 10 digit TEA Unique ID number can be located there.

    Registration Help Documents

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    Reading Academy Cohort Leaders

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