• Student Threat Assessment and Care Overview

    When a threat of violence occurs at school, administrators should take reasonable action to maintain safety.  The following guidelines are offered for investigating student threats.  Procedural consistency and documentation provide a foundation for best practice in the area of violence prevention.

    The primary goal of threat assessment and care is to determine if someone poses a risk of violence and to develop strategies to reduce risk and provide resources to intervene. “While it is impossible to predict violent behavior, it is possible to prevent some attacks via effective threat assessment and management strategies.” (FBI School Shooter Reference Guide, 2018)

    Each Campus shall have a Threat Assessment and Care Team (TACT). This team should be a multi-disciplinary working group of various professionals who have knowledge of the specific student or situation.  Possible members:

    • School administrators
    • School counselors
    • School nurse
    • School staff/teachers (Multi-Disciplinary)
    • Law enforcement
    • Mental health
    • Social workers
    • Other organizations with student contact

    Campuses are required to collect the following information in order to be submitted to the Texas Education Agency each year.

    Report Date Type of Threat threat assessed as not posing a risk and not referred for interventions or help/supports. threat assessed as not posing a risk but referred for interventions or help/ supports. threat assessed as posing a risk and referred for interventions or monitoring threat assessed as posing an emergency/eminent risk and referred to law enforcement, the superintendent and referred for interventions and monitoring

    Campus reporting is coordinating using a shared private document.

    The Midland ISD Threat Assessment and Care Handbook should be used in addition to training to ensure both compliance and consistent measures with student safety are employed.

    In addition, this One Pager serves as a great resource.