• For 2023-24   

    Student Wifi 

    The SSID (WiFi name) your students will connect to is called MISD Devices.  All district-provided Chromebooks and iPads will connect automatically at campuses  and on buses (NEW) and there is no login required.  The district is providing 1:1 student devices to be checked out this year, so there will be no ability for a student to connect a personally-owned device to the network. 

    Staff Wifi   

    The SSID (WiFi name) you will connect to is called MISD.  As in previous years, you are able to log in using your usual computer login username and password. 

    Visitor Wifi

    New for 2023-24 will be the SSID called MISD VISITOR.  The purpose is to allow temporary (1 day access) with the permission of a staff member. Those attempting to connect will be prompted to request access and need to enter the e-mail address of a staff member who will grant access.