Community Safety Education Act

  • SB 30, passed by the 85th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2017, added Section 28.021, regarding the instruction on interaction with law enforcement, to the Texas Education Code (TEC). TEC, §28.025(b-20), as amended by SB 30, requires the State Board of Education (SBOE) to adopt rules to include the instruction developed under TEC, §28.012, in one or more courses in the required curriculum for students in grades 9-12.


  • The SBOE adopted a new rule in Title 19 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), §74.39, Requirements for Instruction on Proper Interaction with Peace Officers, that became effective August 27, 2018. This rule requires school districts and charter schools to provide instruction to students in grades 9-12 on proper interaction with peace officers during traffic stops and other in-person encounters. The new requirement applies to any student who enters grade 9 in the 2018-2019 school year and thereafter. The SBOE also adopted an amendment to 19 TAC §74.5, Academic Achievement Record (Transcript), to require clear indication on the academic achievement record of completion by a student of the required instruction on proper interaction with peace officers. 

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