1 to 1 chromebook classroom integration
  • 1- Use Google Classroom as your Learning Management System to make interaction, collaboration, assignments, and grading easier. 

                Click here for Google Classroom help.

    2- Use Google Drive as your online cloud-based storage system to increase your productivity.  Click here for Google Drive Training.

    3- Web Applications that work on Chromebooks:

    • Flipgrid - students create video responses
    • Book Creator - students can create digital books or notebooks
    • Padlet - virtual collaboration wall - 30-day free trial
    • Nearpod - Teacher or student controlled interactive lessons
    • Scratch - Coding
    • Toony Tool - Students create cartoons and posters
    • Incredibox - Students create music for projects
    • WeVideo - Video Editor  - 30-day free trial
    • Toy Theater - Virtual Interactive Educational Games
    • Photopea - Free web-based image editor similar to Photoshop 
    • Kahoot! - Online game-based learning platform

    Explore other options and ideas in the Chromebook App Hub including apps for creativity.