The Teacher Incentive Allotment provides clear pathways for strong local teacher designation
    systems that seek to increase student performance and more equitably distribute the state’s
    most effective teachers to campuses that need them the most. Having the best teachers serve
    students with the greatest needs is the most concrete and tactical way to equitably distribute
    human capital. Additionally, strong evaluation and compensation systems encourage highly
    effective educators to remain in the classroom and lead to improved student learning.
    Districts participating in TIA must create a local designation system that incorporates teacher
    observation, student growth measures, and other locally selected measures to determine the
    qualifying teachers in the district. These eligible teachers can then earn a designation as a
    Recognized, Exemplary, or Master teacher. Once a teacher earns a designation, the
    designation is valid for 5 years and is transferable if the teacher moves to teach a different
    subject or grade or moves districts within the state. During those 5 years, a teacher can be put
    forward for a higher designation based on student growth and observation scores but cannot
    have their designation level decreased. The table below shows an estimated amount each
    designated teacher could earn depending on campus assignment. The amount of funding per
    campus is determined by a formula that takes into account the level of socioeconomic need at a
    campus and whether the campus is rural. These amounts are subject to change each year
    based on student population and other details.

    Midland ISD Funding Allotment Estimates