• Please complete the form below to submit a photo for your student ID.

    1. Submit a color photo, taken in the last 6 months
    2. Use a clear image of your face. Do not use filters commonly used on social media.
    3. Have someone else take your photo. NO SELFIES.
    4. Use a solid color, non-black background.
    5. Submit a high resolution photo that is not blurry, grainy, or pixelated.
    6. Have a neutral facial expression or a natural smile, with both eyes open.
    7. No gang signs – arms must be down by your side.
    8. Face the camera directly with full face in view.
    9. You cannot wear a hat or head covering unless it is for religious or medical purposes. Your full face must be visible and your hat or head covering cannot block your hairline or cast shadows on your face. This includes face masks.
    10. You cannot wear headphones or wireless hands-free devices.

    ID photos must be saved as a .jpg image with the file name “ID# INITIALS” such as “809279RG”. When emailing your picture, please include your legal first & last name, your ID #, your English Teacher, and whether you are an “A” day or “B” day in your email.

    Once ID’s have been printed, they will be distributed to your English teacher.
    The name, username and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form