• Hp Elitebook x360

    Through the 2020 Midland ISD 1-to-1 Teacher Initiative, Midland ISD teachers received HP convertible laptops to be used for instruction.  More than a traditional laptop, the HP convertible laptop has a touch screen and can be used in 3 modes: laptop mode, tent mode, and tablet mode.

    Power and volume


        One side of the laptop includes the power button, volume controls, and an always-on powered USB port.



    USB HDMI ports


    The other side includes the charging port, HDMI port, headset port, and three USB ports.



       Camera Cover


     When you utilize your webcam, notice the hidden lens cover switch above your webcam lens.



    Tablet Mode

     Each time you fold the screen back, Windows will display a prompt asking if you would like to switch to Windows tablet mode.  Windows Tablet mode looks very different from the traditional desktop mode.  If you accidentally choose tablet mode, just fold the screen back, and Windows will prompt you to switch tablet mode off.  We also recommend you leave “Always ask me before switching” on.


    Tablet mode  

     When the laptop screen folds back, the keyboard becomes inactive. The onscreen keyboard is only activated if you choose to go to tablet mode.




    Go to tablet mode

     You can also click the square on the bottom right of your screen to change modes.


    When you receive your laptop, the Wifi should be connected to “MISD_Tablet” or “MISD Devices”. If you want to change the Wifi or connect from home, click on the Wifi icon at the bottom right of your screen as shown on the image, and choose the desired Wifi.

     If you’re at school, you can also connect to “MISD_Staff” or “MISD”. To connect to this Wifi, use your computer login information: firstname.lastname then input your computer password. 



    When you turn your laptop on the first time, you will see the Google Drive File Stream window. We recommend you sign in to have your Google Drive available as your G: Drive from your File Explorer. Google Drive File Stream

  • 2020 Laptop Distribution - Questions and Answers

    Q: Which technology inventory will be maintained by librarians (media specialists) and which ones will be maintained by the technology department?

    A:  All mobile devices that may be checked out to students and staff will be entered into Destiny by librarians.  This includes hotspots, iPads, and Chromebooks.  The technology department will maintain the inventory of fixed technology items which are not generally moved (desktop computers, chromeboxes, phones, interactive boards, etc.).

    Q: What is the procedure and timeline for librarians to label and catalog all of the mobile devices in Destiny?

    A:  Any mobile devices arriving from November 2020 forward should be cataloged into Destiny prior to check out to any student or staff member.  This is for tracking and accountability with the same procedures as other district assets that have been checked out in the past.  Those devices that will be returned at the end of the school year should be put into the system at that time.  The timeline will vary based on how quickly devices can be put in the system and labeled.

    Q:  How are the devices being assigned and distributed?

    A: There is discretion by the principals and teachers regarding how the devices are assigned and used.  The numbers of student devices ordered, however, were based on student enrollment in grades PreK-1 (for iPads) and Grades 2 and higher (for Chromebooks).  Every full time classroom teacher should receive a touchscreen laptop from their home campus as well as counselors and certain special ed teachers in the quantities requested by those departments.  It is ultimately the discretion of the principals on where these allocated devices will be utilized.

    Q: What apps and training are available for the student iPads?

    A: The following apps will be available on the student iPads: Istation, SeeSaw, Clever, Google Classroom, Chrome, Drive, Sheets, and Docs.  Support will be posted on the Instructional Technology website, and a work order can be placed if more assistance is needed.  Laptop information is posted at www.midlandisd.net/teacherlaptop and iPad information is posted at www.midlandisd.net/ipads .

    Q: How can we request additional Apps to be put on the student iPads?

    A: An Eduphoria work order should be submitted which will be assigned to the Instructional Technology Department.  There will also be a self-service App store available which contains many common educational apps and should be checked first.

    Q:  Are there support videos available to get us started with the student iPads?

    A:  Our instructional technology coaches will be posting videos and will create additional videos by request.  Laptop information is posted at www.midlandisd.net/teacherlaptop and iPad information is posted at www.midlandisd.net/ipads .

    Q:  Can iPads or Chromebooks be checked out to students for home use?

    A:  Yes, at the principal’s discretion.  One thing to be mindful of is that older iPads will not be able to be filtered due to not being able to update to the latest iOS.  If the iPads use the 30-pin charger or have an iOS that is 10 or below, these will not be able to be filtered.

    Q:  Can teachers take their laptops home?

    A:  The principal will have discretion with the laptops, as with other equipment checked out to staff, as to when to return them (can they be kept over the summer, etc.).  The intent of having a 1:1 laptop program for teachers was for lesson planning with a mobile device that can also mirror to the Smartboard or interactive TV wirelessly.

    Q:  What are the responsibilities of students and staff who have checked out a device?  

    A:  The technology devices are like any other district asset that is loaned out.  It should be cared for and returned in good condition.

    Q: Will information regarding the different devices be posted on-line?

    A:  We are working with the instructional technology coordinators to have a landing page with help.  Laptop information is posted at www.midlandisd.net/teacherlaptop and iPad information is posted at www.midlandisd.net/ipads .