• District Initiated Cancellation of MOA Appeal

    When students in the Midland Online Learning Academy (MOA) are not engaging in the content or struggling academically, the need for interventions or a change in learning environments may be necessary. In the event a student participating in remote learning is failing, a parent can request for the student to be moved to in-person learning, or the Midland Independent School District can cancel remote learning for the student with the requirement to notify parents of the cancellation decision. 

    In the event of a district initiated cancellation of online learning, a parent may appeal.  Appealing cancellation does not alter the timeline for the required return to on-campus instruction. Continuation in MOA may be reconsidered during the appeal if:

    • Medical certification is presented verifying a health issue of the student or individual within the student's household


    Medical Certification Attestation

    MOA Discontinuation Appeal- Level 1

    MOA Discontinuation Appeal- Level 2