AAS Advanced Academic Services 
    AB Adaptive Behavior
    ACT Trademark* for ACT Assessment
    ADA Average Daily Attendance
    ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
    AEA Alternative Education Accountability
    AEC Alternative Education Center
    AEIS Academic Excellence Indicator System
    AEP Alternative Education Program
    AMAO Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives
    AP Advanced Placement
    APR Annual Performance Report
    AR  At-Risk
    ARD Admission, Review and Dismissal
    ARF Accommodations Request Form
    ASCD Association for Supervision 
    AT  Assistive Technology
    ATPE Association of Texas Professional Educators
    AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination
    AYP Adequate Yearly Progress
    BAC Behavior Adjustment Class
    BE Bilingual Education
    BMI Body Mass Index
    BOY Beginning of Year
    CAP Corrective Action Plan
    CATS Capital Area Testing Specialists
    CBA Curriculum Based Assessment
    CCMR College, Career, and Military Readiness
    CEEB College Entrance Examination Board
    CI Comparable Improvement
    CIP Campus Improvement Plan
    CIS Communities in Schools
    CISD Consolidated Independent School District
    CIT Campus Improvement Team
    CRC College Readiness Classification 
    CRS College Readiness Standards
    CSR Confidential Student Report
    CSV Comma Separated Volume
    CTC Campus Test Coordinator
    CTE Career and Technical Education
    CTSO Career and Technical Education Student Organization
    DAEP Disciplinary Alternative Educational Program
    DAP Distinguished Achievement Plan
    DATE District Awards to Teachers of Excellence
    DEIC District-wide Educational Improvement Council
    DIP District Improvement Plan
    DMAC Data Management for Assessment and Curriculum
    DOB Date of Birth
    DRA Developmental Reading Assessment
    DTC District Test Coordinator
    EB Emerging Bilingual 
    ECHS Early College High School 
    ECI Early Childhood Intervention
    ED Economically Disadvantaged
    ED Emotionally Disturbed
    EE Early Elementary
    EGL Enrolled Grade Level
    ELA English Language Arts
    ELAR English Language Arts and Reading
    ELL English Language Learner
    EOC End of Course (exam)
    EOY End of Year
    ESC Educational Service Center
    ESEA Elementary and Secondary Education Act
    ESL English as a Second Language
    FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    FERPA Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act
    FG Fitness Gram
    FIE Full Individual Evaluation
    FIRST Financial Accountability Rating System of Texas
    FMNV Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value
    FSP Foundation School Program
    FTE Full-Time Equivalent
    FTP File Transfer Protocol
    GED Graduate Equivalency Degree
    GEEG Governor's Educator Excellence Grant
    GPA Gold Performance Acknowledgement
    GPA Grade Point Average
    GPC Grade Placement Committee
    GT Gifted and Talented
    HAS High School Allotment
    HERC Higher Education Readiness Component
    HQ Highly Qualified
    HR Human Resources
    HSTW High Schools That Work
    HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
    HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    IAAT Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test
    IB International Baccalaureate
    IBC Industry Based Certificate
    ID Identification (number)
    IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
    IDRA Intercultural Development Research Association
    IEP Individual Education Plan
    IES Institute of Educational Sciences
    IGC Individualized Graduation Committee 
    ILD Instructional Leadership Development
    IMS Information Management System
    ISAM Intervention Stage and Activities Manager
    ISD Independent School District
    ISS In School Suspension
    ISTE International Society for Technology in Education
    IT  Instructional Technology
    ITBS Iowa Test of Basic Skills
    JDC Juvenile Detention Center
    JJAEP Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program
    LAT Linguistically Accommodated Testing
    LD Learning Disabled
    LEA Local Education Agency
    LEP Limited English Proficient
    LMS Learner Management System
    LPAC Language Proficiency Assessment Committee
    LRE Least Restrictive Environment
    MAP Measure of Academic Progress 
    MAT Metropolitan Achievement Test
    MC Midland College 
    MMGW Making Middle Grades Work
    MOY Middle of Year
    NAEP National Assessment of Educational Progress
    NASSP National Association of Secondary School Principals
    NCES National Center of Education Statistics
    NCLB No Child Left Behind
    NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    NETS National Educator Technology Standards
    NMSQT National Merit Scholars Qualifying Test
    NOGA Notice of Grant Award
    NWEA Northwest Evaluation Association
    OA Oral Administration
    ODS On Data Suite 
    OER Open Ended Response
    OEYP Optional Extended Year Program
    OLPT Oral Language Proficiency Test
    OP Observation Protocol
    OSS Out of School Suspension
    PAS Progress Assessment Series
    PBMAS Performance-Based Monitoring and Analysis System
    PDAS Professional Development and Appraisal System
    PDF Portable Document File
    PEG Public Education Grant
    PEIMS Public Education Information Management System
    PEM Pearson Educational Measurement
    PGP Personal Graduation Plan
    PLC Professional Learning Community
    PMI Performance Monitoring Intervention
    POS Program of Study
    PR Panel Recommendation
    PSAT Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test
    PTA Parent-Teacher Association
    PTO Parent-Teacher Organization
    PTSO Parent-Teacher-Student Organization
    RAM Random Access Memory
    RDSD Regional Day School for the Deaf
    RFP Request for Proposal
    RHSP Recommended High School Plan
    RI Required Improvement
    RO Report Only
    ROM Read Only Memory
    RPTE Reading Proficiency Test in English
    RTC Regional Test Coordinator
    SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
    SBDM Site Based Decision-making
    SBEC State Board for Educator Certification
    SBOE State Board of Education
    SCE State Compensatory Education
    SE Student Expectation
    SE Special Education
    SEA State Education Agency
    SEAS Special Education Automation System
    SEM Standard Error of Measurement
    SI  Standard International (units of measure)
    SIOP Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
    SIP School Improvement Planning
    SLP School Leaver Provision
    SPEARS Special Education Agile Reporting System
    SPP State Performance Plan
    SQL Standard Query Language
    SRC School Report Card
    SREB Southern Regional Education Board
    SRI Scholastic Reading Inventory
    SSA  Special Small Analysis
    SSI Student Success Initiative
    SSN Social Security Number 
    STAAR State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness 
    TAC Texas Administrative Code
    TAG Test Assessment Generator
    TAKS Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
    TAKS-A Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills - Accommodated
    TAKS-Alt Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills - Alternate
    TAKS-M Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills - Modified
    TAP Teacher Advancement Program
    TASA Texas Association of School Administrators
    TASB Texas Association of School Boards
    TASBO Texas Association of School Business Officials
    TASSP Texas Association of Secondary School Principals
    TAT Technical Assistance Team
    TAV Technical Assistance Visit
    TBSI Texas Behavioral Support Initiative
    TCTA Texas Classroom Teachers Association
    TEA Texas Education Agency
    TEAL Texas Education Agency Login 
    TEASE Texas Education Agency Secure Environment
    TEC Texas Education Code
    TED Texas Education Directory
    TEEG Texas Educator Excellence Grant
    TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
    TELPAS Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System
    TEPSA Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Assessment
    TETN Texas Educators Teleconference Network
    TGI Texas Growth Index
    THEA Texas Higher Education Act
    THECB Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
    TIF Technology Infrastructure Fund
    TIF Teacher Incentive Fund
    TIMSS Trends in International Math and Science Study
    TMDS Texas Math Diagnostic System
    TPRI Texas Primary Reading Inventory
    TREX Texas Records Exchange
    TSDS Texas Student Data System
    TSI Texas Success Initiative
    TSIA 2 Texas Success Initiative Assessment (2)
    TSNAP Texas Statewide Network of Assessment Professionals
    T-STEM Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (initiative)
    TTCC Teacher Technology Competencies Certification
    TxPEP Texas Principal Excellence Program
    TWEDS Texas Web Enabled Data Standards
    TYC Texas Youth Corrections
    UIL University Interscholastic League
    URL Universal Resource Locator
    USDE United States Department of Education
    WADA Weighted Average Daily Attendance
    WebCCAT Web-based Comprehensive Curriculum Assessment Tool
    WELP Waterford Early Learning Program
    YWLA Young Womens Leading Academy