Initial Placement LPAC Procedures

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    LPAC 4 Week Timeline: August 19 - September 16, 2020


    Step 1: Determine which students are new to your campus. Request records from previous Texas district
    (TREx) or previous state (Fax records request). Specifically request LPAC or EL records.
    Step 2: As records arrive, thoroughly review records looking for LEP status, LPAC paperwork, HLS and program
    placement. Sort out the students by whether they have been in a Texas school or not. Students
    new to Texas will need to be assessed with either LAS Links or preLAS test. If they are new to your
    campus but have been in a Texas school and were previously identified, they do not need a test. They
    just need to be LPACed. 

    Step 3: Pre-LAS testing will be conducted on paper, as usual.  If it is determined that the new students need a LAS Links test, add them to the appropriate test session on the DRC
    Website. The EL Department has already created test sessions titled “2020 Fall Session.”  {Show Me}  

    Step 4. Print usernames and passwords and assess students.  {Show Me}
    Step 4: View LPAC training. This year Initial placement training will be in a video format. Ensure that all LPAC members view the training via a staff meeting or something similar.
    Step 5: Schedule Initial Placement LPACs on Ellevation. Conduct LPACs virtually through Zoom or Google Meet. LPAC
    trained parents will not be required until further notice.
    Step 6: Print LPACs, and Parent Permission letters. File Student LPAC Report in the student’s blue folder.
    Send LPAC minutes to the EL Department along with the Parent Permission letters.                


        See below for recommended procedures for testing during "At-Home Learning" 


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