Position  Name  Role
     District Chair  Blake Feldt  Executive Director- Athletics
     Co-Chair  Shannon Low  Current Lee parent
     At-Large Member  Josh Sperry  Lee graduate
     At-Large Member  Maridell Fryar  Former LHS Counselor
     District 1 Rep  Shirley Howard  Current Lee parent
     District 1 Rep 2  John Norman  Lee graduate
     District 2 Rep  Alfred Sanchez III  Lee graduate
     District 2 Rep 2  Stacy Martinez  Lee graduate
     District 3 Rep  Frank Maldonado  Current Lee coach
     District 3 Rep 2  Ashley Boren  Current Lee parent
     District 4 Rep  Rachel Stone  Parent of Lee graduate
     District 4 Rep 2  Steve Subia  Lee graduate 
     District 5 Rep  Tod Brown  Lee graduate 
     District 5 Rep 2  Valerie Tinker  Lee graduate 
     District 6 Rep  Noble Kendrick  Parent of Lee graduate 
     District 6 Rep 2  Monica Stroman Tucker  Lee graduate 
     District 7 Rep  Roderick Strambler  Lee graduate and parent
     District 7 Rep 2  Sarah Hale  Lee graduate
     Principal Rep  Jennifer Seybert  MISD Principal
     Teacher Rep  Beau Garza  Current Lee Orchestra Director
     Teacher Rep  Ellen Boyd  Current English Teacher/Chair
     Student  Italia Salazar  Current student
     Student  Makhilyn Young  Current student