Midland ISD is prouder than ever of the dedication and caring of our teachers and staff. In an effort to keep our teachers, campus staff, and all other employees informed, we will be sharing critical information here. Please check back frequently for updates and visit the FAQ page.

    Click here for documentation regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act - English | Spanish
    You can access the form here.
    If you a a Covid-related concern about reporting to work, please speak with your supervisor and complete this employee concern form.
    Did you TEST POSITIVE for COVID? If so, you must complete this form.

    Midland ISD will begin the school year under the At Home Instruction Model. This will continue for the first four weeks of school. MISD staff will report as usual during this time.



    All teachers, including classroom teachers and remote teachers, must report to work and provide instruction from the campus. Remote teachers, teachers who teach students enrolled in the MISD Online Academy, may teach from home, but only if they have been approved after submitting their concern via the online COVID-19 Concern Form and after requesting and receiving approval for an alternative work assignment.

    In order to protect the health and well-being of our staff, students and community, the following measures are in place:
    1. All employees must self-screen for symptoms before leaving home. Do not report to work if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and call your healthcare provider and supervisor instead.
    2. All employees must wear a mask upon entering the building, while in the building, and anytime you are out of your workspace or a visitor is in your workspace.
    3. Employees are encouraged to practice social distancing by staying 6 feet away from others whenever possible.
    4. Employees are encouraged to wash your hands frequently, including upon entering the building, before eating, after using the restroom, and after touching door handles.
    5. All visitors to MISD facilities are encouraged to make an appointment. 

    In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, access to MISD schools and offices are by appointment only. Please call or email in advance to prevent encountering any delays.

    All staff should self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 before reporting to work. Parents should screen their students for symptoms prior to sending them to school.

    The Texas Department of Health and Human Services provides guidelines on self-checking, as well as resources for getting tested. You may also call 68-Nurse at 855-686-8773.

    District personnel must wear a face covering (face shield or mask) while inside school buildings. Students over the age of 10 years old are required to wear a mask in compliance with statewide executive orders.

    Yes. The same policy standards will apply during this time. Contact your supervisor if you have questions.

    Each building will be sanitized nightly, in addition to the regular cleaning schedule during the day.

    Safety concerns should initially be addressed through your supervisor. You can also contact HR through the COVID Hotline at 432-240-COVD (2683) or complete this form

    MISD requires that all employee confirmed cases of COVID-19 be reported via the form. All student confirmed cases are required to be reported to the campus nurse. After learning of a confirmed case, MISD Health services will reach out to any individuals who came into close contact with the infected person. The district facility where they were last present will be disinfected. Temporary closure of the building may be necessary for the disinfection process. In the event of a temporary closure, learning will switch to the At-Home Instruction model. All staff and parents connected to the facility where the infected individual was last present will receive notification of the positive case.

    You should monitor your health closely. If you show any symptoms, you should get tested, and report the results to HR. If you have questions, contact the MISD COVID Hotline at 432-240-COVID (2683) or covid19@midlandisd.net.

    Yes, this is possible. However, the FFCRA provides some provision for continued compensation. The Department of Labor provides more informaion. Employees should stay home if they are not feeling well and fill out the employee concern form for guidance about sick leave. 

    Substitute teachers provide a vital function for the effective operation of a school district. Substitute teachers will be used as needed for classroom coverage.

    Please review options provided by the Department of Labor. Applicable laws and policies will be enforced regarding failure to report for duty without medical documentation. Visit this website for more eligibility information. Employees will be required to provide medical documentation to determine work availability and reporting requirements. This can be done through the MISD COVID Hotline at 432-240-COVID (2683) or through the employee Covid concern form.

    Teachers may bring their school age children with them to their own classroom August 19-September 9, while the children attend their online classes. Central Office staff may not bring their children to the office. MISD staff with children who are not yet of school age may apply to the MISD Early Learning Centers.

    In most cases, MOA teachers will only teach MOA enrolled students; hoever, if necessity warrants, some teachers may provide both face-to-face ad online instruction for students. Teacher assignments for MOA will depend on student needs and staffing needs determined by the principal and HR approval.

    MOA student/teacher ratios for 2020-2021 are at least 20% or more than current approved student/teacher ratios for each grade level.


    Current MISD teachers will be selected for the MOA.

    Teachers who wish to teach 100% virtually will need to submit a letter of interest to their campus principal. 

    Yes. Midland Online Academy (MOA) students are still enrolled on their assigned campus and a part of their accountability.  Principals will also need to appraise teachers assigned to support MOA students. All teachers must be appraised using T-TESS, even those working as remote teachers. HR will provide guidance for conducting formal observations of remote teachers and classroom teachers providing instruction virtually during closure and during hybrid learning.

    Yes, or they must qualify to teach via the DOI. 

    No, they are not eligible to teach for MOA unless they are in an Alt Cert Program or can be considered for DOI or they are certified as a teacher.  

    Yes.  At this time, the compensation for Remote Teachers and Classroom Teachers is the same.  In the future, the district may determine an alternative compensation plan for remote teachers who may be assigned full time to a standalone MOA.

     It is the current recommendation to leave the general assignment for Remote Teachers as is but code them as appropriate for tracking purposes, likely in master schedules.  This is not predicted to pose a problem because the students are coded to the campus as well.  It is no different from how we code teachers in departments or programs.  This will be modified if determined appropriate.