Midland ISD's top priority is the health and safety of our students and parents, staff and the community. To this end, District employees who contract COVID have been instructed to complete a COVID-19 EMPLOYEE Confirmed Positive Report. All personal information will remain confidential, but information regarding dates and locations will be available on this page, as we work to clean and disinfect exposed areas, and inform employees, students, or others who may have been exposed to the infected individual. Information on this page is updated daily.

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    Total Confirmed Cases


    Current Campus Closures


All Reported Cases

Location Reporting Date Closure Needed? Closing Date Opening Date
Lee Freshman 8/6/2020
San Jacinto JHS 8/6/2020 No
Midland Senior High 8/5/2020 No
Central Office 8/4/2020 No
Bunche Elementary 8/4/2020 No
Midland Freshman 7/31/2020 No
Parker Elem. 7/30/2020 No
South Elem. 7/30/2020 No
Child Nutrition Services 7/29/2020 Yes 7/29/2020 8/3/2020
School Plant, Lamar Elem. 7/28/2020 Yes 7/29/2020 8/3/2020
Long Elem. 7/27/2020 No
Midland Freshman 7/27/2020 No
San Jacinto JHS 7/27/2020 No
Coleman High 7/24/2020 No
Burnet Elem. 7/23/2020 No
San Jacinto JHS 7/23/2020 No
Rusk Elem. 7/23/2020 No
Pease Elem. 7/20/2020 No
Emerson Elem. 7/20/2020 No
Burnet Elem. 7/17/2020 No
Lamar Elem. 7/17/2020 No
Lee Freshman 7/15/2020 No
Greathouse Elem. 7/14/2020 No
Lee Senior High 7/13/2020 No
Bush Elem. 7/13/2020 No

Current Closures

There are no records to display.

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