Midland ISD Online Academy is designed for the family who is looking for a long-term virtual learning environment for their child. The family has the option to exit the online academy and return to On-Campus instruction every six weeks, the end of each grading period.  The curriculum will follow the same curriculum as on-campus and at-home learning, but will be structured differently to meet the needs of virtual learners and instructors.

    Click here to apply. Be sure to identify your home campus when completing the applcation.

    Q: How do I select fully virtual learning for my student?
    A: MISD families are empowered to select which learning environment is the best fit for their student(s). If electing to attend face-to-face at school, no action will be needed. Families wishing to choose the Midland ISD Online Academy (fully virtual) can do so through MISD’s Apply Midland application portal. To plan appropriately, we are asking all parents who are selecting the Online Academy to submit their application in Apply Midland prior to the start of the school year. This will allow MISD to plan for student schedules, staffing, and preventative health and safety measures. The application period will begin in August.

    Q: Can students move from in-class to online?
    A: Yes, you may move between the two learning environments. Because this change could also result in your child being assigned to new teachers, changes can be made only at the end of each 6-week grading cycle. We will provide updates in the upcoming weeks regarding how families can make these changes.

    Q: Will students remain enrolled at their school if they choose virtual learning?
    A: Yes. Students will remain enrolled at their school and will retain their seat at their assigned school. This applies to all schools include magnets and schools of choice. Parents will continue to receive communication from the campus.

    Q: Will my student retain their seat at a school of choice if I choose to withdraw and homeschool this year?
    A: No. If a parent elects to withdraw their student from Midland ISD, the seat will be released for other interested students.

    Q: Will the Midland ISD Online Academy curriculum be the same as on-campus instruction?
    A: Yes. Both virtual and on-campus learning will be designed for mastery of student learning outcomes based on the academic standards called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each content area. Expectations for coursework and guidelines for grading for virtual and face-to-face learning will be the same.

    Q: Will grading be the same for on-campus instruction and the Online Academy?
    A: Grading will be consistent with the guidelines and practices used in all face-to-face instruction.

    Q: Will technology and hotspots be provided and how will they be distributed?

    A:  Technology devices and hotspots may be checked out and distributed from students’ home campuses. Please visit your campus website for more information. Students must adhere to the District’s acceptable use policy when utilizing technology and must return the devices to the campus at the end of the school year or if the student withdraws from Midland ISD.

    Q: Who will be my child’s Online Academy teacher and will that teacher be from our home campus?
    A: Virtual learning will be taught by MISD teachers. Your student’s teacher may or may not be from your student’s home campus. In turn, students in your child’s virtual learning class may or may not be limited to students from your child’s home campus.

    Q:  What is the deadline for parents to make a decision?
    A:  Families will be asked to commit to Midland ISD’s Online Academy by August 14, 2020. Families will have an opportunity to switch back to in-person instruction at the end of the six weeks grading period

    Q: Will teachers be trained to instruct in the new format?
    A: Yes. All teachers will receive training specific to online instruction in the event that a school closure is necessary during the 2020-2021 school year. Teachers identified to provide virtual instruction to begin the school year will be provided on-going professional learning.

    Q: If I select Midland ISD Online Academy, will my student be able to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities like sports, band, theater, UIL academics, etc.?

    A: Yes. Students who participate in Midland ISD Online Academy will be permitted to participate in extracurricular activities. However, students wishing to participate will still be required to participate in practices. 

    Q: If you are a choice school student and opt for virtual only learning, do you lose your spot since you are not participating in the fine arts, science, technology portions etc? Do you feel those spots should be reserved for those willing to attend in person daily over a virtual only since it would not necessarily be a home teacher for those students?  
    A: No. If a parent selects Midland ISD Online Academy, they will not lose their seat in their choice school. All schools will do their best to provide the same educational programming virtually as provided on campus. 

    Q: Do I need proof of residency to enroll in the Midland ISD Online Academy?

    A: Yes.

    Q: For the Blended Learning model: on the virtual days, will the parents be teaching the material or will the teachers be online teaching the material either live or prerecorded?
    A: Parents are never required to step in and become the teacher. On days when students are at home, instruction will be provided by MISD teachers via Google Classroom.

    Q: What will be the estimated time spent on school work through Midland ISD Online Academy?
    A: This will vary based upon the grade level and courses your child is enrolled in.

    Q: What will a typical week or day look like for a Midland ISD Online Academy student?
    A:  Midland ISD Online Academy programming will consist primarily of asynchronous instruction. 

    • Asynchronous learning is a curricular experience where students engage in the learning materials on their own time, interacting intermittently with the teacher via the computer or other electronic devices.
    • Students in grades Pre-K-12 who are enrolled in the Midland ISD Online Academy will be assigned a virtual class schedule and must be able to engage in learning daily.
    • Students in grades PK-2 are eligible to enroll in the Online Academy and will receive instruction through asynchronous instruction.  Asynchronous instruction will provide opportunities for small group, project based learning and other group activities at times.
    • Students in grades 7-12 choosing the Online Academy must be able to participate in on-campus classes for extracurricular activities (in accordance with UIL requirements) and/or electives that cannot be offered in the Online Academy setting.
    • Attendance will be taken based on completion/progress toward class expectations and daily activities, assignments or engagements.  All assignments will be due by 11:59 pm on each instructional day. 

    Q: I am trying to apply to the MISD Online Academy but do not remember my child’s student ID. What can I do?
    A: Email familyaccesshelp@midlandisd.net or call your home campus for assistance.

    Q: How does the Midland ISD Online Academy experience differ from the At Home Instruction experience in the event of a long term At Home Instruction instructional status across the district?
    A: The Midland ISD Online Academy is a long-term learning environment for students just like for on-campus instruction.  This option is designed for families confident that they do not want their students to return to on-campus instruction.  The At-Home Instruction status is for when campuses are temporarily closed to on-campus instruction.  By selecting and staying in the Midland ISD Online Academy, students would be able to build relationships (virtually) with their instructors and classmates.

    *NEW 8/10/20*
    Q: Will online learning be available in Spanish/Hakha Chin?
    A: If a student qualifies for Bilingual services, then this student will be served in the same manner they would in a campus classroom. Students identified for ESL services will also be served in the same matter as they would in a campus classroom.

    *NEW 8/10/20*
    Q: How will students with special needs be accommodated in virtual learning?

    A: Every student will be addressed individually. This goes for in-person or virtual models. Teachers will have access to the plans, to know each student's needs. For students with specific needs, we can create 1-on-1 lesson plans catering to their needs.